Quick Green Smoothie in the Thermomix

Hi all! Just a quick post on how to perfect your green smoothies!

You must blend up your greens and liquid first so that you don't have chunks of it throughout!  
100g spinach
100g water

Mix 10 seconds, speed 7. 

Use natural sweeteners like bananas and use some frozen fruit to make it refreshing to drink straight away!

1 banana
1 mango
70g frozen blueberries 

Add in superfoods to get the biggest bang for your buck! 

1 tsp spirulina
1 tbsp goji berries
1 tbsp hemp hearts
(Chia seeds to top- as you don't want to waste them in the TM bowl because they stick around the edges!)

Mix 30 seconds, speed 7. 

There you go- an awesome dark green smoothie packed full of flavour and nutrients. This will get you through a busy morning, help you recover from a big workout (or a big night out) and make you feel full all the way until lunch time!

Happy Thermomixing!


Savoury Vegetarian Muffins in the Thermomix!

Here is a recipe for quick, savoury muffins! Good for breakfast, brunch, snacks or a mini meal on the go. 

You might like to change up the ingredients for what you have in the fridge or use different cheese to deepen the flavour. I will be adding chia seeds to my next batch for a boost of omega fatty acids! Options: zucchini, carrot, parsley, parmesan, sharp aged cheddar. 

150g cheddar cheese, roughly cubed
(Devondale is rennet free)

100g onion
50g sundried tomatoes
150g spinach leaves
20g olive oil

320g self raising flour 
260g rice milk
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 200•. 

Place cheese in TM bowl. Grate 4 seconds, speed 8. Set aside. 

Place veggies in TM bowl and chop 5 seconds, speed 7. Add oil to TM bowl. Sauté 2 minutes, 100•, speed 1

Add flour, milk, egg and reserved cheese to TM bowl. Mix 20 seconds, REVERSE, speed 3/4 or until combined!

Spoon into mini or full sized muffin tins. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden. Let cool on a wire rack and enjoy!


Raspberry Cream Cheese made in the Thermomix

One place that I miss from Canada is Tim Hortons! It is a donut & coffee chain that feels like home. I wouldn't rank their coffee as the greatest but my favourite treats from there are raisin tea biscuits, cinnamon sugar cake donuts, and a toasted sesame seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Yum...I'm getting hungry now! 

Sweet, fruit flavoured cream cheese isn't only found at Tim Hortons, it is a regular grocery item...and an item that I miss here is Australia! So, when we picked up some bagels (hard to find here as well) this week I whined that they'd be so much better with my favouirite cream cheese. Then I thought duh! I have a Thermomix- I can make it myself! No added preservatives, colours and any flavour I would like!

Try this light, fruity, spread on toasted bread or bagels or use as a dip or topping for fruit salad and you will be making it a favourite of your own!
100g frozen raspberries
Dash of water
250g cream cheese  
25g agave syrup

Chop berries and water speed 4, 5 seconds. Scrape down bowl.

Add cream cheese and agave. 
Mix 20 seconds speed 4.

Easy and delicious! 

Happy Thermomixing :)

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