Raspberry Cream Cheese made in the Thermomix

One place that I miss from Canada is Tim Hortons! It is a donut & coffee chain that feels like home. I wouldn't rank their coffee as the greatest but my favourite treats from there are raisin tea biscuits, cinnamon sugar cake donuts, and a toasted sesame seed bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Yum...I'm getting hungry now! 

Sweet, fruit flavoured cream cheese isn't only found at Tim Hortons, it is a regular grocery item...and an item that I miss here is Australia! So, when we picked up some bagels (hard to find here as well) this week I whined that they'd be so much better with my favouirite cream cheese. Then I thought duh! I have a Thermomix- I can make it myself! No added preservatives, colours and any flavour I would like!

Try this light, fruity, spread on toasted bread or bagels or use as a dip or topping for fruit salad and you will be making it a favourite of your own!
100g frozen raspberries
Dash of water
250g cream cheese  
25g agave syrup

Chop berries and water speed 4, 5 seconds. Scrape down bowl.

Add cream cheese and agave. 
Mix 20 seconds speed 4.

Easy and delicious! 

Happy Thermomixing :)

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