No Bake White Chocolate Popcorn Clusters

Wow! These are dangerous to have around! Salty and sweet. Creamy and crunchy. Yum! These are quick and great to set out when you have guests coming over. Kids will love these...if the adults don't get to them first :)


1 package white chocolate melts
125g peanut butter
100g raw crushed cashews (use the end of your spatula to crush)
30g popcorn (made mine in the popcorn maker)
30g rice bubbles

**Really you can put anything in here! I might try dried cranberries next time.


Melt chocolate in the TM bowl 5 minutes, 50, speed 1-3. You have to watch the speed as they get softer it is ok to go up to 3.

Add peanut butter. Mix 20 seconds speed 1.

Add all other ingredients. Mix REVERSE, speed soft, until all things coated.

Spoon onto line baking tray. Place in fridge to set.

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