Strawberry Banana 'Ice Cream' in the Thermomix

Forget about sugar loaded store bought ice cream and icey poles. On a hot day, like the 30+ week we have been having in Perth, whip this sugar-free vegan 'ice cream' for you and the kids! Pour rum or vodka into mixture and pop in the freezer for a bit should you need an adult fix ;)

Makes 1 serve

Ingredients & Method:

1 frozen banana, halved
150g whole frozen strawberries (even keep the tops on!) 
40-60g cold water

Place fruit into TM bowl. Chop into a fine mixture 20 seconds, speed 6

Insert butterfly. Add 40g of water to start and whip 30 seconds, speed 4. Scrape down lid and very top of bowl if there is any mixture left unwhipped. Add in 10-20g of water to whip in rest of mixture 10 seconds, speed 4

Voila! Serve immediately.

Tip: Put this mixture into icey pole or ice cube trays and freeze. 

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