Bulldog Cocktail in the Thermomix

Oh, cocktail season! Try this and you will never look at a cocktail the same. It is soooo good and combines flavours you wouldn't imagine to work BUT trust me, they do. A Canadian specialty that is much loved and too good not to be shared. Cheers!

Makes 4 drinks


Pineapple Daiquiri

80 g raw sugar
420 g tin pineapple, pieces or sliced, in juice
400 g ice cubes
60 g white rum
60 g contrieau


4 bottles Corona


Place sugar in TM bowl. Mill 10 seconds, speed 9.


Add pineapple and ice. Blend 20 seconds, speed 9.


Add all remaining ingredients. Blend 10 seconds, speed 9.


Pour into 4 large cups, leaving 3 finger widths room in each. Quickly tip the Corona into each glass, leaving the bottle to slowly empty whilst drinking!


**Beer haters...don't worry this is such a tasty treat you won't notice the beer :) 

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