How to Properly Self-Clean Your Thermomix

The Thermomix cleans itself! Yes, it's true. But maybe you don't have the method down pat? Here's what I do:

Add water to the 1L mark. 

Add a drop of liquid detergent OPTIONAL (when I'm cleaning something savoury and moving on the something sweet I use it). 

Put lid and MC on with the dirty side down. Lock the bowl. 

Turn up to speed 4/5 and switch from regular to reverse every 5 or so seconds for about 20-30 seconds total (depending on how dirty). 

Lock TM bowl. Push TURBO 1-3 times to clean the lid. 

Unlock and remove lid. Discard water. Voila! Ready to use again. 
**Sometimes if you do more than a drop of liquid soap you will need to rinse out the bowl to get rid of soap suds. 

Also, save time and drying by keeping the prongs out of any running water. That way you can pop the bowl right back in place!

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