How Much Do I Love the Thermomix...?

Well, I love the Thermomix so much that I have decided to become a Consultant!

I have felt truly inspired by this amazing machine and the people behind it! I want to spread this love and passion to others, especially those with tricky food allergies/sensitivities/intolerance's and those wanting to cut out all the unnecessary additives and preservatives found in our food today. I hope that, by joining the Thermomix team, I can excite and motivate people about healthy cooking and eating. I want people to be excited about what they put in their bodies and know why it's so important to make conscious food decisions, all while making simple and delicious food.

I can finally say that I have a healthy relationship with food- I no longer wish that there was a pill to take that would make me feel full and receive all the nutrients I need because I have found something, the Thermomix, to help me work around my allergies. I will admit though, that I was one of the people who put off getting the machine, as I thought the price was too risky AND I wouldn't get the same pleasure out of cooking and baking that I did 'by hand'. But after going to 3 demo's (all very inspiring and successful) over a 2 year period, I knew that I could still indulge my love for cooking and baking. What I didn't know but have been pleasantly surprised by is how creative I can be in the kitchen now with this amazing tool. I have made food that I always wanted to try but thought the risk was too high and if it turned out to be a flop I would have wasted too much time, ingredients and confidence. A huge shout out to the recipe books and recipe sharing community among the Thermomix world...I just couldn't have taken that big leap without them. I am at the point where I trial my own recipes now and I am having a blast EVERY DAY in the kitchen. I just love using the Thermomix. It has saved me so much time, dishes and frustration that I can't imagine my life without it! I eat better than I ever have in my life and I no longer feel like I'm missing out on the experience of food.

Just writing all of this down, has given me more inspiration to be the best Consultant I can. I might as well put all of the creative doing, thinking, writing, talking and passion I have towards something! I've always been a goal setter and love taking on new challenges...I'm excited to see where this one will take me!

Happy Thermomixing!

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