Quick Thermomix Lunch- Soup & Bread

Wow! I was very impressed with how quick it was to prepare and cook this hearty vegetarian lunch. Again, these recipes come from the Everyday Cookbook for Thermomix as I am still in the first week of having the masterful machine! I add my own flair with spices but quantity wise I have been sticking to the book.

The Herb and Garlic Pull Apart Bread was modified for a lacto ovo vegetarian diet by using a vegan 'butter' and fresh herb mix. I am searching for a butter alternative, that is not based on soy or nuts, due to my allergy that I can make in the Thermomix. Creating the concertina pattern was easy once I sorted out how many strips of dough I would cut. I made a 5cm high rectangle and then cut that into 3 strips length wise, folding each of them together in the concertina pattern. There was a slight hole in the centre of the cake tin but it all came together beautifully during the final prove. 

The soup was to die for! Honestly, nothing needed to be altered or added here! I didn't have any tomato paste on hand, and hadn't made any yet, so I omitted it and it was fine. I find that there are so many things we are used to grabbing for in the pantry that I can now make in a few short seconds. I will be sure to gather a list of everyday favourites to store in the fridge for our weekly meals :)

**The best way to clean the TM bowl after dough is to add water just above the blades and then whiz for 10-15 seconds at speed 10. Then I discard the water, add more this time about 3/4 full with a drop of dish soap and whiz for 10 seconds and speed 8. Most of the dough has been removed by this point, but getting in to the blades can easily be done using a plastic bristle brush (Ikea) if you have any remaining.

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