Best Ever Thai Curry in the Thermomix

Looking for something quick for dinner?! This is it! We love this dish and have made it multiple times already. I'm not even that big of a Thai food lover but I think this recipe here has sold me on the cuisine! I have altered the recipe from the Everyday Cookbook for Thermomix to suit a vegetarian diet and add more veggies! I suggest serving with rice, which I have now perfected in the Thermomix!
Made with Green Curry Paste 

50g Thai red or green curry paste
400g coconut milk

225g bamboo shoot slices
1/2 lime, zest only
Red or green chili to taste

100g frozen peas
100g broccoli cut into florets
100g bok choy roughly chopped
85g red capsicum/pepper sliced and halved

20g basil leaves only

**1-2 chicken breasts diced or beef strips (should there be a meat eater too!)


Place paste and 60g of coconut milk in TM bowl. Cook 2 minutes, Varoma, speed 1.

Add remaining coconut milk, bamboo shoots, lime zest and chili. Cook 4 minutes, 100°, REVERSE, soft speed. **Place chicken in Varoma, lined with parchment paper, ONLY IF NOT SERVING WITH RICE, otherwise cook the meat at the same time as the rice (see below).

Add peas, broccoli, bok choy and red capsicum/pepper. Cook 5 minutes, Varoma, REVERSE, speed 1.

Add basil. Cook 1 minute, Varoma, REVERSE, speed 1.

If serving with rice, place curry in Thermoserver. Set aside. Click here to view my post on making the perfect rice to pair with the curry. This is when you will cook the meat if you have a meat eater as well! Place diced chicken or beef strips in the Varoma, lined with dampened parchment paper, on top of the TM bowl for the entire duration of cooking the rice.
Beef strips cooked in the Varoma while the rice cooked!

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